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A Small Number Of Access Health CT Consumers Will Receive Mail This Week About Their Personal Information And Should Review Carefully

HARTFORD, Conn. (January 28, 2020)—Approximately 1,100 Access Health CT consumers will be receiving an ORANGE ENVELOPE in the mail this week. It is important that consumers review this information carefully as they will need to take action to enroll in free services being offered to help protect their personal information that may have been compromised in a data breach.

“Access Health CT takes the privacy and security of consumers’ personal information seriously, and it is making this public notice in an abundance of caution,” said Chief Executive Officer of Access Health CT, James Michel. “We apologize for any inconvenience to consumers and we remain steadfast in our commitment to keep our consumers’ best interests as our number one priority.”

In addition to the mailing, and to help ensure affected consumers do not disregard any mailing, Access Health CT will be contacting these consumers in a multi-layer outreach effort including phone calls and emails to alert consumers to look for the orange envelopes in the mail.

Following the identification of the data breach, Access Health CT worked with third-party experts to assess risk and help with proactive steps the agency can take to mitigate this from happening again. Several efforts to improve security are already in place, with longer-term initiatives planned regarding system changes and more frequent Information Technology (IT) security training to improve data protection and security awareness.
Consumers can call Access Health CT at 855-805-4325 if they have questions.