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Our Structure
The Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange was established as a quasi-public agency to satisfy requirements of the federal Affordable Care Act. The power of the Exchange is vested in a 14 member board.

In addition, four different advisory committees composed of a variety of stakeholders have been charged with providing the board with diverse perspectives on key initiatives and operations, providing opinions and recommendations.

Compensation and Benefits
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Hiring and Promotion; Discipline and Termination
Adoption of Annual Budget and Plan of Operations
Acquisition of Real and Personal Property
Procurement: Contacting for Personal Services
Essential Health Benefits Plan Procedure
Navigator Grant Program Policy
Small Employers Health Options Program (SHOP) Policy
Policy Establishing Requirements for Certification, Recertification and Decertification of QHPs
Investment Policy
Policy: Acquiring Operating Funding
Procedure: Exchange Assessments and Fees
Tribal Consulting Policy
Policies and Procedures: All Payer Claims Database
Procedure: Employers Appeals Process – on fewer that 30 days notice
Procedure: Employers Appeals Process
Compliance and Disciplinary Policy for Certified Independent Brokers
APCD Privacy Policy and Procedure
Verification of Consumer’s Eligibility for Special Enrollments

Policy and Procedure: Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities

Procedure: Pre-Enrollment Verification of Consumers’ Eligibility for Special Enrollments

Proposed Revisions: Policy for Procurement: Acquisition of Real and Personal Property

Proposed Revisions: Policy for Procurement: Contracting for Personal Services


 Notice of Intent to Adopt Revised Policies

 In accordance with Section 1-121(a) of the Connecticut General Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange (the Exchange) is proposing to adopt revisions to the following:

Policy for Procurement:  Acquisition of Real and Personal Property and

Policy for Procurement:  Contracting for Personal Services

Interested persons wishing to present their views on these policies are invited to do so in writing within thirty (30) days following publication of this notice.  Comments can be submitted electronically to Marcin Olechowski at  (The subject line should read:  Public Comment).  Comments can also be mailed to Marcin Olechowski, Access Health CT/Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange, 280 Trumbull Street, 15th Floor, Hartford, CT  06103.

The proposed revisions to the policies are available at or via email to Marcin Olechowski at


Connecticut Transitional Reinsurance Program