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Boards & Committees

Board of Directors

Governor’s Appointees
Victoria Veltri, Executive Director, Office of Health Strategy

Legislative Leadership Appointees
Paul Philpott, Interim Vice-Chair, Principal Consultant, Quo Vadis Advisors LLC
Grant A. Ritter, Senior Scientist, Schneider Institutes for Health Policy
Cecilia J. Woods Former Vice-Chair, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
Steven Hernandez, Interim Executive Director, Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity
Atty. Thomas McNeill

Ex-Officio Members
Deidre Gifford, MD, MPH., Commissioner, Department of Social Services
Ted Doolittle, State Healthcare Advocate, Office of the Healthcare Advocate
Melissa McCaw, Secretary, Office of Policy & Management

Ex-Officio Members — Non-Voting
Andrew Mais, Commissioner, Connecticut Insurance Department
Renée D. Coleman-Mitchell, Commissioner, Department of Public Health
Miriam Delphin-Rittmon, Ph.D., Commissioner, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Consumer Experience and Outreach

Board of Directors Co-Chair:
Theodore Doolittle, Healthcare Advocate

Stakeholder Co-Chair:
Kevin Galvin, Small Business for a Healthy Connecticut (SBHCT)

Committee Members:

Cecilia Woods, Board Member

Vicki Veltri, Board Member

Demian Fontanella, Office of the Healthcare Advocate

Alta Lash, United Connecticut Action for Neighborhoods

Arlene Murphy, Prevention Council of Roanoke County

Cheryl Forbes, Small Business for a Healthy Connecticut

Deb Polun, Community Health Center Association of CT

Erica Michalowski, AARP

Susan Kelly, National Alliance on Mental illness, CT

Tanya Barrett, United Way of CT

Anita Cotto, ConnectiCare

Shawn Lang, Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition

Sheldon Toubman, New Haven Legal Assistance Association, Inc.

Subject Matter Expert:

Gerard O’Sullivan, Connecticut Insurance Department (CID)

Staff Lead:

Anthony Crowe, Chief Operating Officer



Brokers, Agents and Navigators

Board of Directors Co-Chair:

Paul Philpott, Board Member

Stakeholder Co-Chair:

Mark Czarnecki, Douglas Financial Services, Inc.

Committee Members:

David Guttchen, Office of Policy and Management (OPM Designee)

Jay Festa, CPM Group Insurance Services, Inc.

John Calkins, Connecticut Benefit Brokers & Chapt. NAHU

Matthew Fair, Pierson & Smith, a division of First Niagara Risk

Stephen Glick, Chamber Insurance Trust

Eric Quinn, Gerardi Insurance

Jesse McDonald, Modern Insurance

Jeffrey Oswald, Health Markets Insurance Agency

Craig Koehler, Koehler Financial Services

Jennifer Lovett, Crystal Financial Insurance Services

Subject Matter Expert:

Anthony Caporale, Connecticut Insurance Department (CID)



Health Plan Benefits and Qualifications

Board of Directors Co-Chair:

Grant Ritter, Schneider Institutes for Health Policy

Stakeholder Co-Chair:

Mark Espinosa, United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union 919

Committee Members:

Theodore Doolittle, Healthcare Advocate, Board Member

Joseph Treadwell, Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association

Kevin Galvin, Small Business for a Healthy Connecticut (SBHCT)

Margherita Giuliano, Connecticut Pharmacists Association

Maria Diaz, Connecticut Association of Optometrists (CAO)

Bonnie Roswig, Medical-Legal Partnership Project, Center for Children’s Advocacy

Robert McLean, Connecticut State Medical Society:

Stephen A. Frayne, Connecticut Hospital Association

Heather Aaron, Commissioner Renee Coleman-Mitchell’s Designee (DPH)

Tu Nguyen, Director and Actuary, Anthem

Neil S. Kelsey, Actuary, ConnectiCare

Ellen C.  Skinner, Principal Consultant, Connecticut Strategies

Jill Zorn, Universal Healthcare Foundation of Connecticut

Subject Matter Expert:

Paul Lombardo (CID)



Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)

Board of Directors Co-Chair:

Grant Ritter, Schneider Institutes for Health Policy

Stakeholder Co-Chair:

Pamela Russek, PCR Consulting

Committee Members:

Paul Philpott, Principal Consultant, Quo Vadis Advisors LLC.

Shelly Sweatt, T.R. Paul Inc.

Christopher McKiernan, Abercrombie, Burns, McKiernan & Co. Insurance, Inc.

Ellen Skinner, Yale University School of Management

Lynn Marie Janczak, Learning Dynamics

Marta Maciuba, Aetna

Matthew C. Katz, Connecticut State Medical Society

Nathan Field, United Health Group

Patricia Pulisciano, TrueCare Insurance, LLC

Timothy E. Pusch, Burns, Brooks & McNeil Agency

Kevin Galvin, Small Business for a Healthy Connecticut (SBHCT)

Subject Matter Expert:

Paul Lombardo, Connecticut Insurance Department

Audit Committee

Vacancy – Chair
Grant Ritter
Cee Cee Woods
Anne Foley
Miriam Delphin-Rittmon, Ph.D


Finance Committee

Anne Foley – Chair
Victoria Veltri
Thomas McNeill
Dr. Deidre Gifford
Renee Coleman-Mitchell


Human Resources Committee

Paul Philpott
Victoria Veltri
Thomas McNeill
Steven Hernandez
Theodore Doolittle

Strategy Committee

Cee Cee Woods
Grant Ritter
Paul Philpott
Victoria Veltri
CID Commissioner or Designee
Steven Hernandez