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Access Health CT Encourages Preventative Healthcare During Black History Month

CEO highlights health problems that impact communities of color

HARTFORD, Conn. (February 24, 2021) — Access Health CT (AHCT) is encouraging Connecticut residents to use their health plans for preventative care, especially those in Black and African American communities, during Black History Month.

“With February’s Black History Month, we have an opportunity to have open dialogue about the most important issues for minority communities in our state,” said James Michel, Chief Executive Officer at Access Health CT and a proud member of the Black Community himself. “Black and African American residents are at higher risk for developing serious health conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension. By encouraging people to use their health plans for preventative care or sign up for coverage, we can change these statistics that affect communities of color.”   

According to a recent study*, racial and ethnic health disparities are among Connecticut’s most pressing issues, such as:

Another report** indicates that the African American population in Connecticut is disproportionately affected by hypertension. The report states that African Americans in the United States have the highest rates of high blood pressure than any group in the world—nearly half of all African Americans in the U.S. have high blood pressure. Compared with Whites, Blacks have nearly twice the risk of fatal stroke.

Need Health Insurance Coverage?

Access Health CT opened a Special Enrollment Period for consumers who are not currently enrolled in coverage through AHCT. This effort aligns with the Special Enrollment Period in the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) and most importantly helps consumers during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Public Health Emergency.  Uninsured individuals can sign up for health insurance coverage through Access Health CT during the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) through March 15, 2021.

Access Health CT reminds residents of the importance of maintaining their coverage throughout the year, and not just during this public health crisis. It is critical that uninsured individuals take advantage of this opportunity to protect their health, wellbeing and ensure they have access to necessary services.

Access Health CT will continue to offer free help: 

*2018 Connecticut Health Foundation report, “A Healthier Connecticut,”

**The official American Heart Association and American Stroke Association blog