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Access Health CT Renewal Notices Will Be In Mailboxes In A Yellow Envelope

Customers are encouraged to look for it October 24-27

HARTFORD, Conn. (October 18, 2018)—Access Health CT (AHCT) made the announcement today that customers will receive their annual renewal notice between October 24 and 27, 2018. Access Health CT notes it is especially important for people to review this notice carefully to make sure they understand what their next steps are to stay covered with the best option for 2019.

Access Health CT advises consumers to watch for the annual renewal notice, which will come in a YELLOW envelope next week. The agency explains that the numerous plan changes made this year will make it even more important for people to read the notice, and shop and compare plans starting on November 1.

“We want people to know that they have options, and some plans may be a better fit for different needs and budgets,” explains Access Health CT CEO James Michel. “This year, more than ever, it pays to shop and compare – you may find cost savings or lower monthly payments with a different plan.” Access Health CT also explains that consumers should keep in mind how much they use medical services and prescriptions, and the doctors they want included in their plan network. “It’s not just about the monthly payment or premium.” Michel continues. “The out-of-pocket costs are part of the total picture.”

People who receive a notice saying they are eligible to be automatically enrolled for 2019 still have choices and can pick a different plan, notes Access Health CT Director of Marketing, Andrea Ravitz. “Customers could pay more in 2019 for a couple of reasons. In 2018, they may have chosen a plan that was the lowest one in a metal tier -Bronze, Silver or Gold. In 2019, this plan may no longer be the lowest cost plan in this tier, and as a result, the monthly payment could be higher. Or, if they had changes in their family, where they live, their age or income.”

People could also get a notice saying they are not eligible to be automatically enrolled, in which case they need to take action and pick a plan during open enrollment, between November 1 and December 15 in order to have coverage for 2019.

“Whether you are enrolling for the first time, or looking to re-enroll in healthcare coverage, we are here to help. Come November 1, visit us online and click on the Compare Plans tab and look at your options,” explains Michel.