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Access Health CT Waives Requirement For Certain Small Businesses To Enroll In A Group Health Insurance Plan Through December 15

Small businesses can enroll in group health insurance at any time of year, but they usually need a certain number of employees to participate in the plan

HARTFORD, Conn. (Nov. 24, 2021)—Access Health CT (AHCT) Small Business is focusing on making health insurance coverage possible for local small businesses by waiving the minimum number of employees that are typically required to enroll in a small group health insurance plan. Small businesses can enroll in a group health insurance plan at any time of year, but they usually need a certain percentage of employees to participate in the plan. Now through December 15, any small business with 50 or fewer employees in Connecticut can enroll in a group health insurance plan regardless of how many employees participate.

This opportunity, called the Employee Participation Wavier Period for small businesses, is only offered to new groups not currently enrolled through Access Health CT Small Business.

“This opportunity happens only once a year,” said John Carbone, Access Health CT Director of Small Business and Product Development. “Requirements can be an obstacle and the employee participation waiver is designed to enable small business owners to access group health insurance plans they otherwise may not have been able to provide to their employees.”

The Employee Participation Wavier Period may be particularly helpful for small businesses this year given that many were hit hard by the economic impact of the pandemic. With many small business owners faced with tough decisions, from furloughing employees to laying off non-essential staff, they may no longer qualify for the group health insurance plans outside of the waiver period because they don’t have enough employees who elect to participate.

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